Otological Pathologies – Hearing – Vertigo

Dr. Kotzabasakis conducts complete clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests in his clinic, with specialized state-of-the-art devices, in all otological diseases including:

  • Hearing: Hearing test with Audiogram and Tympanogram
  • Tinnitus - control and management
  • Tinnitus - Controlling and managing tinnitus (buzzing)
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Vertigo
  • Endotympanic infusions of Steroids

Neonatal Hearing Loss

Neonatal hearing loss is defined as premature hearing loss in newborns and infants, which may be due to a variety of otologic diseases. Dr. Kotzampasakis has extensive experience in the research of neonatal hearing as he has been participating since 2013 in the National Hearing Detection Program of KEELPNO, while he was scientifically responsible for the respective program at Konstantopouleio Gen Hospital of Athens. In the period of 2013-2018, more than 2600 newborns were examined, of whom 4 were diagnosed with neonatal hearing loss and were referred to specialized centers for neonatal hearing loss (1/1000 newborn).

Chronic Otitis Media

Chronic otitis media is a group of diseases that cause permanent damage to the auditory system and need special treatment. The main categories are eardrum perforation, atelectasis of Tympanic Membrane and Cholesteatoma.

διάτρηση τυμπάνου

Dr Kotzampasakis, performs complete clinical and laboratory testing for these conditions and treats them with the most modern pharmaceutical or surgical solutions.

"The quality of human life depends on the harmony and balance between his health, his psyche, and his social interactions. Medicine, in various ways, contributes to precisely this harmony of life qualities. Through a series of targeted and careful interventions, both aesthetic and functional, an excellent result is achieved that satisfies all three of these conditions."

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